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Will customers come back and not say “I’m not going back there”?

Art teaches us. So many thoughts arise when you see this Jason deCaires Taylor underwater Cancun museum. Can we get customers to leave their Netflix? If they come once, will they feel unsafe and never come back? It feels like we are all holding our breath underwater. And finally, wouldn’t it be fun to scuba dive in Cancun right now?

Let’s talk about

  • Jason deCaires Taylor and MUSA
  • How to avoid “I’m not going back there”
  • Feeling underwater (and the need for Cancun).

Jason deCaires Taylor and MUSA

As mentioned in this posting called “Visit Cancun”, Jason deCaires Taylor along with other artists, have created an underwater museum of artwork or MUSA (Cancun Underwater Museum). The scuba and snorkeling area between 9 and 15 feet underwater includes large groups of statues in 3 different areas in an effort to reduce the damage to nearby coral reefs. This particular underwater art will resonate during these times of our customers being all locked in. Make sure to create a safe place to get all your customers off the couch and feeling safe.


How to avoid “I’m not going back there”

“We Care” Safety Signage and masks matter. I won’t be going back to one location from this week and they will never know why. I visited 3 different drive thrus this week and 2 of them had safety signs everywhere, used a tray to extend the distance for food delivery, all with masks and gloves. The 3rd location did not have any signs at all. The casher wore only a bandana and gloves but that’s it. The food was good at all 3 places.  But, since there ARE choices, I will not be going back to the no safety sign place. To get customers off their couch and returning more than once, do as much as you can with signs, masks and gloves, hand sanitizer, cleanliness etc.. It matters.


As we said in our March blog, at no other time will service be in such a bright spot light. Open retailers and restaurants are all there is to do and always the topic of conversation. What a great opportunity to acquire a new following! In Jeff Wolf’s Smartbrief article from June 23, 2020, “Excellence in customer service is the new normal”, he also highlights the need for great service especially in these times. Building trust and becoming the preferred provider is the key to success. Build a track record now so that you can get your customers off their couches like the Jason deCaires Taylor’s guy in the this underwater scene.


Feeling underwater (and the need for Cancun)

If you have ever gone scuba diving, what makes it most interesting is how different it feels. Totally distracting from everything going on above water.  And the fact that this MUSA underwater museum is in Cancun makes us all long for a vacation far away.


For those of us in the middle of this, just some thoughts:


Enjoy your job – Without a doubt you better like what you do. I have always enjoyed helping my clients improve service, so now, I feel the impact of our mystery shopping services are more meaningful than ever. And, so even though it’s harder work now, I enjoy how we are helping client create great service.


Step away – We might not be able to fly to Cancun right now but at least step away from the work when you can.  Watch some Netflix like the guy on the couch.


Celebrate the victories/Set up a celebrate safety program – Celebrate with your team. Some of our clients are using mystery shopping only short term to create a way to celebrate safety. They are sending us in to check for the COVID-19 safety items (signs, masks, hand sanitizer etc…) and then rewarding the teams that are all set up! Do what you can to make all these changes fun for your team and let them know how much you appreciate! Say thank all the time!


We hope the best for all retailers and restaurants! If you need us to help out in any way, just let us know. Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping clients create great service!

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