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What does it even mean to say “Art teaches us about service”?

Art teaches us about great customer service! What does that even mean? Blog after blog, maybe this concept had been hard to understand. So let me try to explain. I believe that great service is an art not a given. And,  artist pay careful attention to their craft too?  So, what can we learn from them or their art? Slow down and think about your service strategy!

Maybe it reminds you to do something no one else is doing?

Maybe your service can be more captivating or thoughtful?

Maybe service can and should be just wonderfully simple?

I challenge you to pause when you see art. Literally stop. And see what it might teach you about what you are doing now and in the future for your customers.

Here is some information about the artist and then some of my thoughts about what his giants say to me.

Thomas Dambo’s art

Around Copenhagen’s forests, Danish artist Thomas Dambo reused discarded wood to create 6 giant sculptures. And, made it into a scavenger hunt! Isn’t that cool? Trails to the giants are not marked. You have to use Dambo’s map. This particular giant, named Little Tilde at Vallenbaek (image by Dambo) is made from old crates and includes 28 bird houses. He wants to highlight that even discarded things can turn into something useful and interesting.

When I stop and look at this, here’s what Dambo’s art says to me about providing great service:

Make service fun! Do the unexpected!

Just like Dambos scavenger hunt to find the hidden giants in the forrest, what can you do new and interesting for your customers?


Reuse your old great commitment to service!

Reuse all of your great service tips and apply them to each customer today just like Dambo reused the wood.


Embed something special!

The bird houses are not easy to see. But they’re there. What can you do to imbed something unusual and special for your customers?


Help them in, it’s super new to all of us!

This giant, looks hesitant. Maybe it’s your customer? Can you continue to find ways to make them comfortable? What can you do to smooth out their path?


Encourage yourself too! Endless challenges!

This hesitant giant might be you. What can you do for yourself? Is there anything you can do to ease your own hesitations?

Pause! Finally, just pause. Maybe you are on track right now to providing great service. So just stay the course.

I hope this helps in some way! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations create great service,!


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