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We’re All Tech Zombies! When they look up, what should your customer experience be?


SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!


Art teaches us! Even back in 2015, Antoine Geiger depicts what we definitely see today (Colossal article “The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology Displayed Through Photography by Antoine Geiger, by Kate Sierzputowski, November 11, 2015). His art depicts people of all ages with their faces completely lost in their technology as if the rest of the world around them does not exist.

Yes, Geiger was right! We are all tech zombies! To stay calm in a long line or when witnessing something stressful, or just because it’s what we do with any spare minute, we all pull out our phones or devices.

I can even sit in my living room and be lost in my phone as time slips away.

What does this mean to customer service? And, can we learn from the innovation process and apply it to service?


Let’s talk about

  • Antoine Greiger’s art
  • What can we do when customers look up?
  • What can you learn from the innovation process?

Antoine Greiger

Antoine Greiger modifies photographs so the facial expression is removed. He wanted to highlight that the affect of everyone so dedicated to technology creates a very cold, distant feeling. He has been continuously in galleries around the world with his other stunning works often  incorporating his architecture background. This French/Swiss artist took scenes where people should be looking up and observing other things (like in this art gallery) and depicted them only face down, ignoring the world. It is so true and affects us and service in ways we don’t even know.


What should they see when they look up?

No matter what the situation, in person or on the phone, what should the customer experience be when they look up from their mind-numbing tech devices?

  • Believe me. Customers will look up and have been distracted and might not remember what they were about to do.
    • Smile anyway,
    • Use a pleasant voice,
    • Give them your full attention,
    • Listen and make sure to answer any questions.
    • Build the connection that is missing right at that moment.


  • It’s just different now. Your customer might have just read something interesting or something that made them laugh inside.
    • Help with the transition back to what you want them do experience.
    • Remind them that you want them to experience great service.
    • The service starting point is just new for all of us.


Innovation process applied to service.

I recently audited a class from EDX called “Customer Centric Innovation”, from the RWTH Business School, Aachen, Germany where they discussed the entire process of creating new products.

Great Customer Service should be part of your culture

The class pointed out that innovation often comes from a culture that encourages innovation. The same holds true for great service. Make great service part of EVERY process and new ways to provide the best service will percolate up from your team.


All of this innovation and changes with technology is wonderful. As things change with your customers, stay right with them! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, working with clients on how to improve service.


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