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Walking into the unknown! What will your Google/Yelp safety reviews say?
It matters!


Art teaches us! Hanneke Beaumont’s sculpture says it all! The risk takers are fine but they don’t notice the floor markings/new rules. Others? Are at best confused and maybe even scared. What do you want your customers to say on google/yelp about safety? Beaumont’s sculptures are meant to represent timeless individuals, no certain age. Make sure that all locations are ready and factor in all needs, not just for risk taking customers.

Arguments – Shoppers are confused.

Let’s get right to the point. Customers don’t mean to upset others but just didn’t look down to see the markings and then, don’t like getting yelled at by other customers. That’s on you. Put a sign at eye level. Each store is different. Help them with this change.

Let’s talk about.

  • The artist
  • Clear/not clear, careful/not careful
  • Be impeccable and ask your customers
  • Be better than your competition
  • Check to make sure all locations are consistent


Hanneke Beaumont’s Sculptures

Belgium artist Hanneke Beaumont is world known for her sculptures that portray individuals that appear to be of any age, appear to be moving and still at the same time, and make you think. This sculpture, is found, oddly enough, at the entrance to a hospital in Belgium (how fitting is that!). Her mostly clay sculpture “Stepping Forward” reminds us to really think about our businesses going forward and how our customers feel like they are walking into the unknown.


Clear/not clear, careful/not careful

I ran errands for the first time yesterday. On my way to Target, I noticed a Petco store with 2 cashier stations outside. What are they doing? Are they offering to run in for you or only there for store pickups? There were no signs. Best Buy had pick up signage so you could tell. Target had a capacity sign up, a note about health and markings on the floor (but nothing at eye level). So, again, I stood too close by accident at the checkout. Just forgot to look down.  And, the Target team members did not keep their distance and did not have any protective gear on at all. While at Ace Hardware, the staff had masks on and even had SIGNS ON THEM to ask US to please stay 6 feet away. The place was well marked with signs everywhere and bins put up in front of the counter. I’ll go back to Ace!

Net, net- Please be clear. It will help everyone!


Be impeccable – Clean those drive thru lanes

The laws have to be confusing but the point is clear. Try to be as impeccably clean and safe as possible. Have you ever looked down at the drive thru lane? Make sure each team is checking it. Customers will start to notice if it’s not clean regardless of all the confusing reopening rules.


Face to face? Ask your customers

If you have to meet or explain something to a customer and you notice that they are not comfortable, Just ask them. Just say, if you think I am not being careful enough, just let me know. Maybe restaurant customers could be asked their preference- “Would you rather I have protective gear on while I serve you?” Why not ask?


Be better than your competition

As you prepare to provide your very best effort, be better than your competition. Make sure the Google/Yelp comments are positive in all categories. Be the one that has eye level signs, maybe even a flyer they can read when they walk in. Keep customers informed. Help them step forward into your locations just like this Beaumont sculpture.


Check to make sure all locations are consistent

Last but not least, make sure you are consistent at all locations. It just takes one bad posting to damage your entire brand image. It matters. We are all watching. Make sure all your Google/Yelp comments are good ones!


And yes, of course, we can certainly send mystery shoppers or have them call locations to see who’s open, what is their set up, and is it consistent. Take care! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping clients nationally provide consistent service.

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