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This Gut Punch Has Evolved Our Compassion and Moral Code to a Higher Place

Art teaches us! Thomas Shahan photographs arthropods and specifically jumping spiders. To survive, these arthropods have evolved for centuries, responding to what’s going on around them.  That’s what I see now. A tactical shift by almost all businesses to a higher goal, the health and welfare of others and a new found moral code. I’m noticing a kinder tone, a deeper understanding of team members like never before and a permanent shift to better treatment of vendors and customers.  Maybe there are a few leaders not doing everything they can, but let’s applaud the ones that are!

Let’s talk about

  • Thomas Shahan and jumping spiders
  • Understanding and caring about team members like never before
  • A clear recommitment to a high moral code

Thomas Shahan and Spiders

By using a macro lens, and clicking lots of pictures quickly, Thomas Shahan has captured some of the most unique images of spiders imaginable. When interviewed by Outdoor Photogragh for their August 1, 2016 blog “Wouda Interviews International Photographer Thomas Shahan” Shahan points out how spiders have evolved to survive. Just like his creatures, we are evolving to a better place right before our eyes too.

Understanding and caring about team members like never before

Things have changed!  Most companies lean heavily on their very best employees but might not really understand them as everyday people. These best employees usually just take business goals and execute them, not really needing much attention. That has changed. Whether it’s a person they laid off or someone they have had to protect from getting the disease, these hard decisions has caused leaders to take a closer look at all employee’s lives. Leaders are now talking to teams kindly when, in the past, they might have appeared to just mandate work goals. Knowing them all more deeply is important.  It matters! Evolution is good!


Things have changed! My 17 year old mystery shopping business has been in the line of fire all week with my retail and food customers. As several closed their doors temporarily, our work for them was also cancelled for April. But, even while cancelling projects temporarily, I literally felt part of my client’s team. Their words were selected carefully and I had a true sense that we are all in this together. How these leaders considered us on their team is commendable. It matters! Evolution is good!


A clear commitment to a higher moral code

Just as Shahan looked for those jumping spiders, look around. Slow down. You can find it everywhere. Better thinking about what’s the right thing to do. Notice our evolution. Businesses are voluntarily finding ways to help and protect all team members even without being forced to do so by any regional or nation-wide mandate. As we ramp back up again, that commitment to all teams and customers will linger and change us for the good. It matters. Evolution is good!


Being in this business makes me an observer of everything! As we face this horrible issue together, I’m glad to be working with the leaders in the retail and food industries I do today! My hats are off to them and all the hard decisions they have had to make and continue to make. We’re not perfect but this evolution is a good one! Can’t wait to ramp back up with them again!  Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations create great service.

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