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Others are planning 2041 – Will a great customer experience be around by then?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on art & on your customer experience!

So, the book “2041” by Lee and Quifan predicts tech impacts, the Finland Museum added VR, and Robert Swan’s art and vision targets 2041 as the timeframe to save Antartica. All of these initiatives in art, technology and conservation are looking forward, creating a plan or hope for 2041.

Question –Is that it? Who’s planning a great customer experience in 2041? 

Has great service been permanently replaced by just plain old service? Or is there still time to create a new 2041 vision focused on a great customer experience?

Just in the past week, here’s a sampling of service as it is today:

  • An oil change by appointment only at 9:45 a.m. that took till 12:15 p.m. – 2 ½ hours, just for an oil change.
  • Untrimmed bushes that have now grown up to touch the rooftop due to lawn care staffing shortages.
  • Gas station pumps accepting cash only but no signs to let you know (the restrooms are not the same either).
  • Call center 2 hours wait times to ask a product question – no instructions with the item when it’s delivered.


Let’s talk about

  • The artists, books, & 2041 visions
  • And what you can do right now to create your own 2041 great customer experience vision.

The Book 2041 by Lee & Qiufan – This book is an amazing and sometimes terrifying look at technology and our lives in 2041. Qiufan tells 10 different sci-fi stories and Lee explains the technology that might make the scenarios feasible. It’s fascinating. AI, metaverse, robots, deepfake and on and on.  I thought the insurance bill that changes by the minute was interesting. And, it is all very likely part of the tech 2041 vision.


Finland Art Museum – Like many other museums, the Finland Art Museum is starting now to plan for 2041. With the use of VR, you can literally walk into the painting “The Opening of the Diet 1863 by Alexander II” by R.W. Ekman. It’s so real, it’s like walking into history. They are starting now to plan and experiment for 2041. I want to go!


2041 Foundation by Robert Swan – Robert Swan also has a vision for 2041 – saving Antarctica. By educating, discussing and sponsoring expeditions, he plans to help create a better future for Antartica.


2041 Great Customer Experience – What’s THAT plan?


So, is that it?


As the pandemic, supply chain and staffing shortages have trained us to be patient and lower all expectations for service (which is needed short term), do we even know how to go back to better service again someday?


You decide. 


Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Dig out your 2019 service levels and start there. Use that as a bare minimum for call wait times, how quickly service is provided, type is positive support your customers should expect.


  • Create a 2041 Customer Service vision – Then, create a customer service vision – the fastest call center, quick, easy and super friendly service, the targeted goal for whatever your customer’s need.


  • Create a plan to fix today’s shortfalls. Don’t look back to see “why” it happened, just fix today’s shortfalls one by one. Leverage technology!


  • Stick to the 2041 plan – Check every initiative going forward (just like that pen that checks to see if a $20 bill is real used by retailers). Don’t only focus on products and profitability but make sure your customer service vision permeates everything. Live it!


Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting, passionate about the customer experience and critical thinking!


Finland photo  2041 photo

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