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Is Your Customer Experience Platform Precarious?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!


Art teaches us! Slow down and think about your service. Like this artist posing and taking photos up high, does your overall customer experience platform leave your customers hanging without the service they need?

Are your customers expected to “relax” on a platform that has big gaps just like this structure?

As you build out your overall “platform” are you really looking at the simple details that are the foundation of great service?

Or, are you so busy targeting segment “funnels” driving customers to what YOU want versus what THEY want?


Angela Nikolau is a Russian self-taught photographer that has been successful taking selfies from very high ledges and structures. When I see her art, I think that it must be how our customers feel when the smallest details are overlooked… just out on a limb hoping for some sort of service.


Let’s talk about

  • The artist – Angela Nikolau
  • Let customers decide what they want- no ledges please
  • Concentrically improving service- fill in the biggest impact holes first

Angela Nikolau’s Art

Angela Nikolau is an Instagram hit with her art form called “roof topping”. With over 800,000 Instagram followers, her unique style shows us structures and scenes from super high places. Starting out as a hobby, she likes to show others a view they cannot see any other way. Just like Angela combines risk with fashion to make her art, can you also combine new business needs with great service?


Let customers decide what they want – no ledges please!

Like Angela’s crazy poses and art, the customer experience of today is risky, not relaxed. Long hold times, confusing messages, no one around leaves the service experience unpredictable/sloppy.

Don’t get caught up in your own desired outcome and goal all the time. As outlined in the article “Designing Customer Journeys in a Post Pandemic World” by Gene Cornfield, Harvard Business Review, May 6, 2021, make sure you post pandemic plans are customer centric, not company centric. Now that marketing and service are so intertwined, don’t get so focused on promoting certain products that you end up missing what the customer really wanted. Yes, you can “make them” or direct them to certain things over others, but will they come back? Service not funneling has to be the primary goal.


Concentric platform growth with details – factor details

So, fix things that impact the most customers first. As Mauro Guillen explained in his new book called “The Platform Paradox”, continuous growth should be planned logically so that you grow based on best next steps and markets. Grow where it will make the most impact.  Do the same with customer experience platform/strategy. Fix all of the peripheral issues, but make sure the simple core activities that cover the MOST customers are addressed first. It’s the same as overall platform growth planning just meant to improve service. Keep expanding ways to provide better service everywhere. Make your base service a priority, not just plugging holes one by one.


Angela Nikolau shows us visually what it might be like for our customers if our customer experience platforms are not built with the very best service details in mind. Check your plans and continuously improve them. Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping clients create great service!

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