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If you could look differently at service, what would you discover?

“Spy in the wild” teaches us that there is always some thing new to learn. Is it time to rethink how to view customers? By using ultra realistic robots scientist have been able to see things not visible with just cameras. The artist/robot specialists weave in the hair one at a time for a very realistic effect.  What if you could take a fresh look at customers now and see things in a new way too? I’m not sure how you would do that but think new!

Let’s talk about

  • John Downer’s “Spy in the wild” series
  • Start over, see new things


Spy in the wild

In this unusual series, “Spy in the Wild” let’s us see not only behavior but what it’s like to be part of that group of animals. Each “spy” animal was checked out by the others and then allowed to stay. The realistic robots were able to stand themselves up again and change movements whenever needed. It might have been very simple learnings here and there about a species but what a great idea! Maybe you can step back too and see service in a new way.


Start Over, See New Things

What if you started over to see new things with your customers? Everything’s changing so much anyway. Why not find news ways to lure them back at the same time?


For restaurants…

  • What if you created interesting seating areas with the use a technology that became travel spots?
  • What if you partnered to create these spots with Rick Steves or AAA. Customers could eat out and have new things to talk about. Mini movies!
  • A dinner place in France leverages 3D technology to put on a animated show on the table. Why not?
  • May you can create a way to direct customers all the way to their table without the help of a greeter? Extend the mapping tool so that they seat themselves if they want to.
  • What if you at least directed them from their car to the front door (sometimes this is missing too) Sometimes GPS leave you in the parking lot, not at the location.
  • Create new sections set up specifically for strong social distancing for those that want that.

The same things apply for retailers. Look at it differently and see if you see something new.


And so it goes!

I don’t have all or any of the answers but thought we all needed a distraction from just the constant pressures of today’s issues. Maybe there’s some solace in looking beyond it! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations create great service!

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