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I didn’t see that coming! Metaverse, VR, AR Improving Service


SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

I don’t even like to fish. But, when fishing on the side of a lake in the Metaverse, it’s completely realistic, relaxing, captivating and fun.  The rocks, the water, the skyline and the birds flying overhead all look real. And Beat Saver is totally fun. All self-taught. I have no interest-yet-in creating avatar and games. So what. I still love it!

Don’t miss out! Use these technologies to improve service.  See the invisible benefit of better service as the art world is already doing!   

In the “Seeing the Invisible” exhibit at the San Diego Botanical Gardens and other locations worldwide, you will be able to download a phone app and see augmented reality exhibits throughout the gardens that look like they are actually THERE if look at your phone. The exhibit is there but not there (as reported in the article from the San Diego Tribune “Botanical Garden To Host Invisible Augmented Reality Art Exhibit” by Pam Kragen),  By leveraging technology, art can be seen right in the gardens. So interesting and fun!

Do the same. Use augmented and virtual reality

  • to RESET/INFUSE a culture of service, not just experience
  • to set up a new (old) measure of service for all projects around ease of use, providing what customers need for instructions, assistance etc..
  • to relieve the pressure placed on employees left to deal with unhappy customers

RESET to Service – Infuse it into the process

When you sit on the side of Lake Tahoe night fishing in the Metaverse, it’s completely calming. Infuse things that improve service, improve a positive feeling about your company (not just revenue goals). It’s a great process to take what your best customers want and implement it consistently.  By just making service part of every virtual reality project, you will be light years ahead of others.

Measure service in the new space

Measure each project. Set up a way to measure improved service using feedback from your bad scores but also all the wants and needs from your most satisfied customers as the standard. Provide a new score that moving forward everyone uses to be focused on “better service”.  I was talking to a retired pharmacist who worked for a company that has pharmacies inside the stores. And up the org chart, pharmacists ran the pharmacies and how much better that was fur customers etc.. Learn from that. Return to giving “service” a voice at the table if not organizationally, at least by measures and discussions.

  • Did the project make something easier and more enjoyable for your most loyal customers?
  • Did it fix a pain point that causes so much stress on your service team members?
  • Did it add something really great from their perspective?

Happy customers, happy team

I was checking out at a retailer last week and the employee no longer hide their fatigue. One was already off the clock working because they are so under staffed she felt the need to help clean up before leaving. All of them talked right in front of customers about the stress of long lines and endless pressure. If you can take the new technology

  • To create great experiences
  • To have a new place people can get instructions/answers
  • To mirror the very best customer service ever

Your team will get some relief from all the stress.

Again, I’m hooked! There are limitless ways to engage all types of customers, not just those already deep into the video gaming world. Be smart! Use it to take move your customer experience higher. Not just as a way to sell more but as a way to DO more for your customers. Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting – general, start up, customer experience management s services.

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