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Excellent Unique Service, Willie Nelson and Toast

Art teaches us! This depiction of Willie Nelson made out of toast should make you stop and think! Willie Nelson never tried to just be like everyone else. Do you? No matter what location or call, do you really provide better service or just “fit in”?  Is it really unique enough? Isn’t this Whole Foods Willie Nelson toast portrait unique and fun too? Don’t settle. Really think about your service at every customer touch point and make sure it’s the best.

Let’s talk about

  • The toast portrait from Whole Foods 2017
  • Willie Nelson, the legend
  • How do you know if you provide unique, excellent service?


Unique Willie Nelson Toast Portrait

Since Whole Foods is right in Austin they participated in the 2017 SXSW conference by creating this portrait of Willie out of toast! By sculpting the color on pieces of toast, they were able to make this piece of art! How creative and unique! Like this toast, if you piece together all the touch points of your customer service, it is superior and unique from others? Don’t just fit in! Online reviews don’t tell the whole story about your branding image. They just give you random insights. So, set a course to be the best, be unique and measure it!

Willie Nelson the Legend

He’s consistent, never wavering or conforming! Willie Nelson is one of a kind! Playing his own brand of country music, he never tried to conform to be a standard country singer and has had both a colorful life and career. But, no matter what, he has been a one of a kind legend. How can you make your own customer service experience legendary?

How do you know if you provide unique, excellent service? 

Can you really say you know that your experience is unique and excellent for every customer? Or, do you simply rely on the online reviews? If that really enough? How can you make your service unique and excellent if you haven’t started looking for ways to measure and improve it?

Be Unique – Don’t just leverage technology to cut costs, offer something new and interesting that reinforces your brand!

Be Great – Set some standards and specific actions that need to happen with each customer no matter what and incorporate that into the training. Hand them a paper with the key “must have” service pointers so that they know how you want customer treated.

Check the facts! Do online review report back all of the service details?  Do you know if they are saying “Good morning, can I help you find something?” with a smile and looking up?

If you are standing right there, you’ll know. But, if you have lots of locations, I would suggest that that is where mystery shopping comes in. We just finished a project in several states that opened eyes to how locations performed on “first impressions” and making sure the rest of the interaction was the best! They learned that not all locations were consistent and set a plan in place to fix it and recheck!

Willie had it easy – Willie had it easy! He could decide on his unique, special style and, with a lot of hard work, deliver his legendary image. You can be a legendary business too about service. Simply decide your unique approach, talk about great service constantly and then don’t forget to measure it far beyond just the service reviews!

If we can help with a mystery shopping program, we’re ready! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting.

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