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Don’t Blend In!
Be Better!

Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! This one is easy. Just slow down a minute and see if your service stands out as better than the rest or do you just blend in with your competition?  In this photo, you can barely see this leopard who heavily depends on being the ability to blend in to his surrounding to capture the next meal. The artist noticed how hidden the leopard was and captured it perfectly.

But, is that the same for your customer service? Do you blend in too much? Is this just “one more thing” for you to worry about? Or, like this leopard’s need to blend in, should standing out with better customer service be “the only thing” you should focus on?

Let’s talk about

  • Sun times/Caters New Agency Art
  • For now? Find “the only thing” that will make you stand out
  • Then, focus on customer narratives and fix what they are saying

Sun Times/Caters New Agency Art

In the article from the Sun Times highlights photography that shows you how hard it is to really see a leopard in the wild. Or even an owl on the limb of a tree. Try to take a minute and reflect on your service. Do you just blend in? On the day before Mother’s Day, I was at the meat market again and again, they just “get it”. Super busy, hustling and greeting the regulars by name but didn’t forget to say a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” to me. Nothing over the top needed. Just simple, memorable service.


Don’t wait! Find “the one thing” that will make you stand out

With the staffing shortages, don’t go crazy trying to revamp everything. All the “fix it” programs, might distract from an overall great culture.

 Set the tone at your company that you are

  • listening to your customers and
  • trying to do or say one thing that is better than your competition.
  • Maybe a nice unique greeting, maybe just good listening, or a sincere parting thank you.

You spend a lot of money on the “visual” image, great products and services, now polish it off with an easy-to-understand service culture. Stand out, don’t blend in!


Then, focus on customer narratives and fix what’s mentioned

Read it! The Harvard Business Review May 4t, 2021 article “Using AI To Track How Customers Feel- Real Time” by Mohamed Zaki, Janet R McColl-Kennedy and Andy Neely highlights that just using scoring systems like CSAT and NPS by themselves cannot really create a deep understanding about your service.  But, leveraging the narrative that goes along with the score can help your service stand out.

  • First, ask for the narrative, the specific small stuff that bugs customers, not found in just the score
  • Read it yourself and eventually set up AI to determine “need to fix” trends across all the narrative tools (comments on mystery shops, surveys, chatbots, etc..)
  • Implement findings, train based on what customers say they want, fix issues, move fast, but prioritize what needs to change
  • Check to see if the changes are being implemented. See it mentioned in the comments or set up a mystery shop program to check.

Just like the leopard wants to blend in, do the opposite with your service. Listen, be better in at least one unique way during these crazy busy times and then ask for narratives from your customers or mystery shopping program and fix these too! Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting, Helping corporations create great service!

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