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Can your team articulate what great service is?
Twist phase 2!


Stop – Reflect on service and this art!


Companies will survive that think critically, not just thinking on the surface. When I think back on my super great oil change mentioned in my last article, here are 3 more details that made it so great! she spoke to me immediately after getting off the phone, she smiled when no one else did – the others never smiled – not once, she stopped, looked up and listened.

She has it down to a science. Just doesn’t miss a thing.

You’ve got to get them talking! So twist it up again. Ask about bad service and for 3 more details. What else made it really bad. This Brooklyn artist,

I had my oil changed yesterday and every second of the experience was super positive…she was happy to see me, energetic, checked in the back to make sure it wasn’t going to be too long, offered to back it out of the bay when leaving…never in a hurried annoyed way, but as if she really wanted to be there! It was awesome!

Twist the conversation. By hand, Mattia Trotta starts with a skeleton and then wraps wire around it to create his beautiful sculptures. He twists and turns wire every which way to get the look he desires. As we all move to AI, virtual reality or just returning to normal, how can you brainstorm with your team to create the absolute best customer experience?

Let’s talk about

–         Mattia Trotta, twisted wire artist
–         Getting to ideas! RITx Course – Design Thinking: Ideation, Iteration and Communication
–         Twist it! Talk worst case and how to avoid it, then move on to best case.

Mattia Trotta

Trotta’s art inspires us to twist around our thinking. As explained in the article from My Modern Met, “The Iron Sculpture Master, by Eugene Kim, 6/12/2011, Italian artiest Mattie Trotta uses his mechanical engineering background to create amazing wire sculptures. One by one he uses his hands and welding to maneuver the steel pieces into beautiful twisted art. You can find his art in Florence and the Tuscany region. Just stunning!

Getting to ideas! RITx Course – Design Thinking: Ideation, Iteration and Communication

What a great suggestion! In the EDX course Design Thinking: Ideation, Iteration and Communication (RITx), suggests to create a group session with all types of expertise to come up with new ideas.

But, what do you do if the ideas don’t flow? What can you do to get the conversation going

The EDX class suggests talking about what you DON’T want to happen. By starting there, it opens them up to speak more freely, easily loosing up the conversation. The rest of the course discusses how to narrow down ideas and finalize the ideation phase.

Twist it! Talk worst case and how to avoid it, then move on to best case.

Do the same with your entire team (not just customer service). Twist the conversation.
–         Have them brainstorm things that they experienced that were examples of BAD service anywhere.
–         Then, have the team brainstorms things that DID or COULD happen right with your own customers.
–         Finally, now talk about how BEST to serve your customer. What are the big and small things you can do to make it a wonderful experience?

Hopefully, pausing just a big to reflect on Mattia Trotta’s art, gives you a moment to think new about service. It can be hard to get team members to articulate and think creatively about service. Help them along by discussing bad service experiences first (twist the conversation).  Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting

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