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Your Team Cannot Do What They Cannot See

Can they see it – your service, good or bad?

Yes, every employee. Or, have you isolated the responsibility of service to only the front line staff? The actual “experience” might be created by multiple members at the corporate office (the many layers of effecting service).

What are your layers that make up an exceptional customer experience? Everyone can SEE them better if they are part of everyone’s goals.

Vermeer originally had a shelving unit behind the milkmaid but removed it. The Rijkasmuseum’s Museum used technology to study Vermeer’s secrets. They uncovered his style by analyzing the layers of paint behind the final product. What they found was layers of thinking… things drafted first, or colors changed or things taken out over time.

When a great customer experience is printed in “everyone’s” goals, everyone can see it!

Let’s talk about

  • The Rijkasmuseum’s largest ever exhibit of Vermeer paintings and revealing secrets
  • Changes that work or did not work.
  • Leveraging technology to reveal the best secrets to help customers and your team
    Vermeers paintings

Vermeer’s painting did not just magically happen. He might have sketched outlines, added and taken away detail …all uncovered by leveraging Imaging scientists to study each piece. Chemical imaging uncovered layers and layers of detail (sketches, variations in brush strokes, things erased, uncovering sometimes fast movements). The collection on display in Amsterdam is the largest exhibit ever of his work put together by many museums around the world lending art to them. Artists can now see that classic painters thought processed by these uncovered layers of art. Your team could really benefit from looking at layers too.

Changes that work and didn’t work

No one’s Focused – Waiting outside for a bus – Can you imagine waiting outside for your airplane? The new Greyhound bus owners are striving to eliminate most buildings/indoor facilities. Profitable, for sure, but does customer experience fall apart? How can they start now to measure this change and reinvest in service? Can they start by just reviewing simple technology like cameras and see the lines, the weather, etc.. and start to fix it?

All Employees and Technology Working – Restaurants are getting there – Using technology to send reminder to leave to pick up food based on the distance from the location is genius. Then, just pressing a button to say you are here, your food is brought to the car. Simple. If you order pick up from Firebirds, that’s how it works. And inside, they don’t miss a beat either, all the basics covered – greetings, smiles, timeliness, consistent good food, follow ups… its working!!

Yes, It can be just technology – City EZ Park –EZ Park  has been around in Cincinnati for several years. It’s so easy, I now go places I would have avoided in the past. With literally 2 clicks on the app, parking is paid for. Time can be added right from your phone. This change benefits all merchants in the area. So, yes, it doesn’t have to be team members creating great service. It just as to BE great service.

Leveraging technology/data

Like the layers in Vermeer’s paintings, make everyone SEE service. Don’t’ just focus on revenue but on the overall flow from the customers perspective.

  • Put service in everyone'' s goals. Use feedback to peel back every single issue and see
    where in the company things could be improved.
  • Find a way to collect and report every day on how things are going… as long as it’s comprehensive and requires follow-up both quick fixes and long term plans.
  • Create empowered teams to tackle and fix all broken service issues.

The current Vermeer exhibit is a huge success! His work was continuously improved. Do the same with your customer experience. Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting

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