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Blurred or a 2020/Perfect Customer Experience Vision?


Art teaches us! The blurred images created by Philip Barlow creates a basic sense about the particular setting.  But it’s blurry. Barlow’s paintings are interesting because they’re not focused. However, without all the fine details executed consistently, your customer experience might be far from perfect. Your team members might find your customer experience vision too vague or blurry. Philip Barlow helps bring beauty into blurred visions but your customers and team members will need more clarity in 2020.

Let’s talk about

  • Philip Barlow
  • Rooting out blurry service visions and
  • How to create a clear 2020 customer experience


Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow first takes an unfocused photograph and then paints that image. This Cape Town artist paints in a style often called “bokeh” or slightly blurry. My friend first discovered this when trying to explain what it was like to need glasses. Mostly oil on canvas, these paintings allow us to see images without all the details. But your customers will need more. Make sure to be clear!


Rooting out blurry service vision

As reported in the June 13th, 2019 Harvard Business Review Article “Why Every Company Needs a Chief Experience Office” by Denise Lee Yohn, a good customer experience make someone 5 times more likely to recommend you to others (Forrester study). By making sure that customer and employees are happy as one combined team, your business will improve. If you cannot combine them organizationally, make sure both teams are measured for how well your experience vision is implemented.

Some questions for you:

  • Does your new hire training emphasize the finite details of good service or just gloss over it?
  • Does each individual know to look up and listen when helping a customer?
  • Once on board, is your vision for great service mentioned at every meeting and reinforced with rewards and contests?
  • Do you have lots of different types of feedback tools in place from online reviews to mystery shopping?

Start now to define the fine details about your service and pin point things that need to be spelled out. For instance, it is really critical that employees look up and speak directly to customers. It’s a simple but important detail. Barlow’s art can be blurred but your customer experience has to be clear.


How to create a clear 2020 Customer Experience Vision

Can you really afford to leave your customer service team with a “burry vision” as to what service should be? No, you can’t. Be clear. Tighten the distance between the hiring process and the customer. Make sure that you

  • Define what your service vision is to the finite details
  • Measure ALL of these fine details with mystery shopping and online feedback
  • Make sure new hire staffing is focused on service based personalities,
  • Review training materials to ensure they include and reinforces great, specific service tips
  • Reiterate and reward great service each day so that a clear vision is implemented.


Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery shopping can help! We take all of your measures and make sure they happen consistently! The fine details matter in your customer experience and mystery shopping is the best way to measure them!  Best of luck to you in 2020!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations create great service!

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