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Critical thinking and a great customer experience can be hard to master – learn to reflect on art and your business!

Excellent Unique Service, Willie Nelson and Toast

Art teaches us! This depiction of Willie Nelson made out of toast should make you stop and think! Willie Nelson never tried to just be like everyone else. Do you? No matter what location or call, do you really provide better service or just “fit in”? Is it really unique enough? Isn’t this Whole Foods Willie Nelson toast portrait unique and fun too? Don’t settle. Really think about your service at every customer touch point and make sure it’s the best.

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Meir’s Quote, Reflection Art, Great Customer Experience

Art teaches us! The ways to create great customer service are infinite! Just like Yayoi Kusama’s infinite mirror exhibits and Golda Meir’s quote, you can create great service in a million ways. It’s interesting to link these 2 icons to service. Meir reminds us to be encouraging while Kusama talks about reflections being infinite. But, it starts with your leadership!

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Nothing’s going to keep them down! So help them!

Art teaches us! New employees feel defeated. Fast training, brand new managers, lots of work. How can they possibly provide great service when just getting started? They can! And want to! Portland artist, Chad Knight creates extremely realistic digital art. As in this piece, he captures the emotion of never giving up. What can you do to help those employees that want to be customer focused beyond the obstacles? Try to reward not just those performing with perfect mystery shop scores, but acknowledge big changes and persistence over time!

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Pick A Few – Pulitzer Prizes, Mystery Shopping, Chipolte Bonuses, etc..

Art teaches us! This photo screams greatness! Back in 1968, Jacksonville newspaper photographer, Rocco Morabito, was awarded a Pulitizer Prize for this stunning photograph of a lineman climbing up to save his lifeless team member. Wow! Teamwork and heroism caught on camera! Pulitzer recognizes such great work. See what you can do to recongnize great things (large and small) happening with your customers by leveraging a mystery shopping program. The Chipolte bonus plan might help differentiate them in the hiring process but does it really tie back directly to a great customer experience? Reward specific behaviors too!

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When GPS leaves your customers in the parking lot (“Arrived!”), what does that do to your customer experience?

Art teaches us! When you see all these trash people in the street, does it remind you of your customers being left standing in the parking lot by GPS? Well, it should. Customers want to be directed all the way to their item, order counter or restaurant table. HA Schult created this exhibit of 1,000 trash people at locations around the globe. HA Shult was clear. He wanted to heighten our awareness about trash. The trash people stuck outside all lined up reminds me of how I feel when my GPS tells me “Arrived” and I can’t even see the name of the restaurant or store, much less how to find the product or what type of restaurant service to expect. What can you do to not lose that business and direct your customers the rest of the way?

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Rozin’s Penguins mimic your movement. Can you really mimic great service while merging or switching to AI?

Rozin’s Penguins mimic your movement. Can you really mimic great service while merging or switching to AI?
Art teaches us! Dan Rozin uses interactive art to mimic the movement of individuals standing in front of his art pieces. He has motorized each penquin to turn around and show their white chest when the art watcher it there and turn back around when not right in front of them. The viewer becomes a part of the art and the penquins dance. Can you do the same? Can you really mimic your deep rooted great service if selling your company to a larger organization or replacing team members with technology? Or do you lose that deep commitment to service without even realizing it?

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Can you really clone team members and still avoid an” uncanny valley” in your customer experience?

Art teaches us! How crazy is this? Hiroshi Ishiguro literally has his life like clone give his speeches while he directs it from his PC according to an article in the Guardian called “Android clone v human: will you be able to tell the difference at work” by Andrew Stafford, Nov. 2, 2016. Can you prevent an “uncanny valley” from occurring when your customer service robots become too human like?

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Will newly hired team members provide better service if you acknowledge them like Steve has been acknowledged for this photo?

You bet they will! Especially millennials! Art teaches us! Sometimes it’s contests/awards and sometimes it’s just simple acknowledgements. Steve Biro created this beautiful photograph with precise skill and expertise. Your newly hired team has skills in service that you might just have taught them or that they had in their back pocket all along. Why not do some serious acknowledgement when great service is observed by you or in a program. Define what you want your service to be and then reward those that mirror it! Steve has been acknowledged around the world for this photo. Do the same with your team when they provide great service.

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Can your team read discouragement like Damon portrays here?

Art teaches us! Is your customer experience empathetic and able to pick up on your customer’s sentiment on the internet, phone or in person? Damon just turns Abe’s feet in a bit, hides his face with his hand and creates cracks in the base as if it were falling apart and you know instantly that he’s portraying discouragement. As he was able to translate a sediment or feeling into this sand castle, can you also pick up on the fine points when reading your customers mood either on the phone or in person? Let’s hope so!

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From Subaru to any industry, is your staff shortages well balanced or will you lose lifetime loyalty?

Art teaches us! Well, I thought I wanted another Subaru but I’m not so sure now. It seems like Subaru has had to set aside some servicing to accommodate no appointment oil changes and recalls. Is that the right decision? Or, have they lost a lifetime or generation of customers by just that one staffing change? Great employees only implement your strategy. Like this Joseph Klibansky sculpture, carefully check your reallocation of staff and assess the long term impact constantly.

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Will your customers follow you too like these birds in Scott’s sculpture?

Art teaches us! In Andy Scott’s sculpture, Stride, birds “follow” this fast moving, determined walker to his destiny. What can you do to get your customers to follow you too? Is it just your product or service? I would argue that without a deep commitment to the details and service too, there will be no following your brand. These birds are following this individual on a journey. Get your customers to follow you too!

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Just like Gentry transforms discarded tech to art, can you take AI to actually fix your customer’s pain points first?

Art teaches us! Do you even know what a floppy disk is? Nicholas Gentry transforms discarded technology into art. But can you really say that your new tech projects improves service in a transformational way too? Now is the time to not necessarily just replace what’s working, but really focus on what aggravates your customers most (their daily pain points) and fix them first. Try to think beyond just the easy use of AI to take orders and see if you can find something simple that creates just that one small change that your customers really want. Gentry is known world-wide for creating fascinating human portraits. You too can do great things leveraging technology to reduce the pain points in your customer’s journey.

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Experience the art of critical thinking.

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