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Critical thinking and a great customer experience can be hard to master – learn to reflect on art and your business!

What does it even mean to say “Art teaches us about service”?

Art teaches us about great customer service! What does that even mean? Blog after blog, maybe this concept had been hard to understand. So let me try to explain. I believe that great service is an art not a given. And, artist pay careful attention to their craft too? So, what can we learn from them or their art? Slow down and think about your service strategy!

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If you could look differently at service, what would you discover?

“Spy in the wild” teaches us that there is always some thing new to learn. Is it time to rethink how to view customers? By using ultra realistic robots scientist have been able to see things not visible with just cameras. The artist/robot specialists weave in the hair one at a time for a very realistic effect. What if you could take a fresh look at customers now and see things in a new way too? I’m not sure how you would do that but think new!

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Everything’s same yet different – Don’t lose your overall service identity!

Art teaches us! Is your brand special? Is it still special now? These mannequin’s legs are all posed the same but in simple ways, they all appear different. Your customers have changed. Some want safety, some don’t. Some want new and interesting, some don’t. They all want great service. I had a washer delivered and the guys did not have masks or gloves on and did not offer to put them on. I obviously wasn’t going to turn them away but I will quietly not order from them again. Think about what you can do to reassess the entire experience from the new services, to new layouts and how to make it REALLY interesting to customers that have also changed. Those brands that maintain their previous great service identity and then make it just a little bit better will win!

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Walking into the unknown! What will your Google/Yelp safety reviews say? It matters!

Art teaches us! Hanneke Beaumont’s sculpture says it all! The risk takers are fine but they don’t notice the floor markings/new rules. Others? Are at best confused and maybe even scared. What do you want your customers to say on google/yelp about safety? Beaumont’s sculptures are meant to represent timeless individuals, no certain age. Make sure that all locations are ready and factor in all needs, not just for risk taking customers.

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Behind our windows? Customers are talking about service and safety for everyone!

Art teaches us! What depicts this time in our life? For me, it’s how everyone has to stay inside looking out the window. Alper Yesitas’s photographs of the same window over 12 years, shows us how just the simple curtain blowing in the wind can look beautiful. Make no mistake. Customers are noticing every small detail of great service and how kind and considerate you are to your staff. All while maneuvering a huge financial impact to your business.

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This Gut Punch Has Evolved Our Compassion and Moral Code to a Higher Place

Art teaches us! Thomas Shahan photographs arthropods and specifically jumping spiders. To survive, these arthropods have evolved for centuries, responding to what’s going on around them. That’s what I see now. A tactical shift by almost all businesses to a higher goal, the health and welfare of others and a new found moral code. I’m noticing a kinder tone, a deeper understanding of team members like never before and a permanent shift to better treatment of vendors and customers. Maybe there are a few leaders not doing everything they can, but let’s applaud the ones that are!

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Lift your customer’s spirits, create a “Festival of Smiles” every day!

Art teaches us! To cheer up the entire country in the 1980s when the sugar cane industry declined, the Phillippines started the MassKara Festival each year and called it the “Festival of Smiles”. Just like that! No long discussion. Just a commitment to use art as a way to lift everyone’s spirits. What can you do right now, to lift the spirits of your customers?

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Do you have the whole customer journey picture or does it need to be x-rayed?

Isn’t this Nick Veasey photograph amazing! Using x-ray technology he creates interesting details beyond the surface of the objects and people. As we start to pair up x-rays with artificial intelligence and patient general history, the improvements in medicine will be tremendous. Can you say the same about your service? Do you know just the surface details or deeply understand your complete customer experience?

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Blurred or a 2020/Perfect Customer Experience Vision?

Art teaches us! The blurred images created by Philip Barlow creates a basic sense about the particular setting. But it’s blurry. Barlow’s paintings are interesting because they’re not focused. However, without all the fine details executed consistently, your customer experience might be far from perfect. Your team members might find your customer experience vision too vague or blurry. Philip Barlow helps bring beauty into blurred visions but your customers and team members will need more clarity in 2020.

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Excellent Unique Service, Willie Nelson and Toast

Art teaches us! This depiction of Willie Nelson made out of toast should make you stop and think! Willie Nelson never tried to just be like everyone else. Do you? No matter what location or call, do you really provide better service or just “fit in”? Is it really unique enough? Isn’t this Whole Foods Willie Nelson toast portrait unique and fun too? Don’t settle. Really think about your service at every customer touch point and make sure it’s the best.

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Meir’s Quote, Reflection Art, Great Customer Experience

Art teaches us! The ways to create great customer service are infinite! Just like Yayoi Kusama’s infinite mirror exhibits and Golda Meir’s quote, you can create great service in a million ways. It’s interesting to link these 2 icons to service. Meir reminds us to be encouraging while Kusama talks about reflections being infinite. But, it starts with your leadership!

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Experience the art of critical thinking.

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