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Critical thinking and a great customer experience can be hard to master – learn to reflect on art and your business!

Create A Friendly Human Species With Your Team!

We’ve created a bit of a rude human species. My 81 year old neighbor had a severe rattle in her car. The dealer scheduled her 3 weeks out not even knowing if the car was safe for her to drive. A nearby Honest One then tested it for close to 2 hours yesterday, advised her not to drive it, to go the dealer and insist on help since it was an issue only they could fix. Honest One never charged her.

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The Rude Species – Is Your Service “Just A Penny, Not A Shiny Penny”?

Reflect on art and your service!
I dropped off a comforter to be dry cleaned and popped in the day before Thanksgiving to pick it up. The owner looked up, didn’t say anything, so I said “Mary Furrie”. She just looked at me somewhat stunned. I didn’t mean to be rude but I was. She had just had a super bad experience with an extremely rude customer and I came across as rude too. Not good. I just got used to saying as little as possible.

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Can your team articulate what great service is? Twist phase 2!

Stop – Reflect on service and this art!
Companies will survive that think critically, not just thinking on the surface.. When I think back on my super great oil change mentioned in my last article, here are 3 more details that made it so great!.. she spoke to me immediately after getting off the phone, she smiled when no one else did – the others never smiled – not once, she stopped, looked up and listened.

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Can your team articulate what great service is? Twist it up!

Stop! Reflect on service and this art!
I had my oil changed yesterday and every second of the experience was super positive…she happy to see me, energetic, checked in the back to make sure it wasn’t going to be too long, offered to back it out of the bay when leaving…never in a hurried annoyed way but as if she really wanted to be there! It was awesome!

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Mutu’s “I am speaking, are you listening?” Well, are you?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

What did you say? When the San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum reopened during Covid, they had intermingled Wangechi Mutu’s exhibit “I am speaking, are you listening?” with the very traditional art work. It was a phenomenal! And, the title alone seems to be so relevant now with service.

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Customers now think critically too! Factor that in!

Slow down! Art teaches us to think critically about service and overall!
Isn’t this perfect? Mother Nature in action! We keep trying to rein in all the ever-changing business factors. And guess what, so do our customers! The future will require us to think critically (creatively and broadly) and as of right now, customers are having to do that very same thing. “Can I get my customer service issue fixed or am I wasting my time? What can I substitute when I can’t find something (day care, urgent care, a flexible part time jobs, brown gravy, strawberry jam, a shower curtain liner, etc..)

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Good Service Now Requires “Beating The System”? So Broken. Now what?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!
Just like this broken glass turned into art by Symon Berger, what do we do now about service to fix it? Just this morning, I went to the grocery store and had to bag my own groceries while an unfriendly cashier just stood and watched (and it wasn’t Aldi’s). And then there’s this… AARP actually has a COVER STORY about service called “Beat The System! Get The Fair Treatment And Good Service You Deserve” by Allan Roth, September 2021. This name says it all. What can we do to set a new framework for service and create a version of service that is not so shattered, just like Berger did with his art?

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We’re All Tech Zombies! When they look up, what should your customer experience be?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! Even back in 2015, Antoine Geiger depicts what we definitely see today (Colossal article “The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology Displayed Through Photography by Antoine Geiger, by Kate Sierzputowski, November 11, 2015). His art depicts people of all ages with their faces completely lost in their technology as if the rest of the world around them does not exist.

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A “Just Ok” Customer Experience? How Could That Be?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! Everyone is still talking about their experience and the comment I hear the most is “IT WAS JUST OK”. We can’t imagine that customer experience management could be more complicated. One road block replaces another. All that effort for “Just Ok”?

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Experience the art of critical thinking.

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