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Behind our windows? Customers are talking about service and safety for everyone!

Art teaches us! What depicts this time in our life? For me, it’s how everyone has to stay inside looking out the window.  Alper Yesitas’s photographs of the same window over 12 years, shows us how just the simple curtain blowing in the wind can look beautiful. Make no mistake. Customers are noticing every small detail of great service and how kind and considerate you are to your staff. All while maneuvering a huge financial impact to your business.

Let’s talk about

  • Alper Yesitas’s
  • Service is all we CAN talk about behind all those windows

Alper Yestitas

Alper Yesitas from Istanbul, took a picture of the same window for 12 years to create a fascinating collection of art that can be found at his Instagram site at The pictures reflect this window in different seasons and often with the curtain blowing in the window.  It makes you wonder what is going on inside that house. And there certainly is a lot of talk about service behind windows today.

Nothing else to talk about

With all the isolation, every small detail that happens when picking up food is now magnified. It IS the only thing new to talk about (no sports, school, golf, etc…).  So, what you do now will be discussed and remembered like never before!

The Talk? Service and Safety for Everyone!

So what are they talking about?

  • Stores that have wipes and sanitizer available, the store visibly clean.
  • Stores that have wipes, shields, masks and gloves for team members.
  • Team members that are happy and friendly, not stressed out.
  • Costco limiting crowds before being asked to do so.
  • Sam’s Club letting medical staff to shop without a card.
  • Walmart implementing one way aisles.
  • No touch carry out or delivery everywhere.
  • Salizar offering to put your carry out in the trunk of your car if you’ll just pop the trunk.
  • Carry out with alcohol set up in tents outside to add to a Dewey’s Pizza
  • Closed Firehouse Grill opening their location to LaSoupe (a non-for-Profit that makes soup for soup kitchens).
  • Neighborhoods organizing to order from one food truck and have touchless delivery scheduled conveniently for the truck on one night.
  • Corporations supporting closed downtown restaurants by matching gift card amounts to purchase a 2nd card for a different restaurant.
  • Contributions- companies everywhere are making to help hospitals and their team members.

THIS is the talk – Be a part of it.

This IS the talk. All of it! Everyone wants to share the latest and greatest good thing they heard about. Be a part of it. We WILL REMEMBER who did it right and who didn’t.

There is no better time to do the best that you can with limited financial resources to make the safety and happiness of your customers and your team members a priority! Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting.

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