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Be Brave – Alotta wrong can happen, so…


SLOW DOWN!  Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! Maybe the artist or the art itself. This Konig Gallery immersive art installation has attached 10,000 “I Hope” letters from around the world. So, what is your hope? My hope? Is for you to “Be Brave” about service. With the constant change “Alotta wrong can happen”. So, be brave and check around to make sure your new strategies, streamlined channels exceeds what your customer needs.


Let’s talk about

  • The artist Chiharu Shiota/Konig Gallery

  • My Hope – Be Brave – pause and make sure to fix any wrongs

  • What’s your hope?


“I Hope” exhibit

At the Konig Gallery in Bonn, Germany, artist Chiharu Shiota constructed a floor to ceiling installation in the St. Agnes Church using two wire boats, rope, red lighting and 10,000 notes from around the world. The letters are free moving to depict floating into an unknown future. It allows visitors to reflect on their hopes after this year of tremendous change. It reminds us to think about service, reflect and see if we are on track to really put our customers first.


My Hope – Be Brave – Alotta wrong can happen – so check!


What’s my Hope? That you can be brave about service. Change is wonderful. Automate endlessly, Revise it all. But, a lotta wrong can happen. So, when you check and find some “wrongs” don’t ignore them.


Letter 10,001 – To keep things connected, don’t leave all the change to the IT and marketing teams. Get the blessing from the line people as well who work every day, day in and day out, with customers. They might be the only ones that can pick up on a new pain point you didn’t see otherwise.

Letter 10,002 – In retail, look for the “Alotta wrong”. Don’t just assume that new is better. In the article “The Race To Retail Dominance, Customer Service Changes The Game” Forbes 3/2/21 article by Brad Brinbaum, he highlights how the large big box retailers have crushed smaller retailers. But there is still opportunities since customers want great service at every point in the journey. I recently tried to order from Kohls and was told that the coupon would not work unless I signed up with them. When I did, it still didn’t work.  There was no remedy and the item price for me online the next day was raised $50 (from $129 – $179).  I call that “broken” and “a lotta wrong”. Smaller retailers can compete with great service. Find your “broken”.  Have us mystery shop for you if that helps, and read reviews for other clues. Be brave, find and fix any broken parts and beat the larger big box competitors.

Letter 10,003 – When you have less control of the customer experience, again, go look for your “a lotta wrongs” and rework it. I recently visiting a local bakery, Bonbonerie, for lunch outside – great food, distanced safe service, impeccable details.  They have kept up their high service level. In the just published article sponsored by McCain Foods in National Restaurant News called “Rethinking Customer Service in an Off Premise World”, it seems simple. Service is not confined to your location and team.  You now have to rely on others to deliver great service and a still high quality food. So, don’t guess. Be brave. Find out if that is really an experience that meets your needs and then negotiate a service levels with that delivery partner to make sure it’s still a great experience.

Letter 10,004 – Be brave if you have a call center. Call routing might the best definition of  “alotta wrong”. In the Wall Street Article back 8/3/2019 called “Everyone Hates Service. And Here’s Why” by Sharon Terlep, the tag line says it all.  “Technology helps customers see how badly they can treat consumers right up to the moment they bolt.” AI can now determine how long you are willing to wait, how angry you sound etc.. It’s now 2021 and with no other way to get answers the tricks and transfers are creating huge dissatisfaction without the chance to make it up to your customers with a face-to-face interaction. Can you reset? It’s all predetermined settings. Especially now, be brave. Take a look with fresh eyes and reset to be better.


Your “I HOPE”


Letter 10,005 – What is your “I hope” for customer service? What are 5 must haves and do you think they are in place? Did you really check to see if they are still there?


This Konig Gallery exhibit is fascinating. I hope all the best for all those providing great service! And, if it’s needed, yes, we are ready to help with a mystery shop program. Just reach out. Let’s move forward!  Mary Furrie, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations provide great service!



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